DCP  : Deputy Commissioner of Police

D  :  Deputy

C  :  Commissioner of

P  :  Police

Full form of DCP

Full form of dcp is "Deputy Commissioner of Police".DCP is the rank in police which is equivalent to superintendent of police (SP).

About DCP

DCP deads the police force in district.It is a higher rank than Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).They are entrusted with powers in order to maintain law and order in the district.

More About DCP

A DCP has minimum of 6-7 years of experience as an IPS officer.An IPS officer gets promoted to a senior post of SP OR DCP as he or she gains an experience of 4 years.Hence to become an DCP first the person needs to serve as IPS officer initially for few years.To become an IPS officer first a person need to clear UPSC and and should be recruited for the post of an IPS officer.DCP reports to the Police Commissioner.

Common questions regarding DCP

Question 1

Who ranks higher ACP or DCP
Answer:- DCP ranks HIGHER than ACP

Question 2

What is fullform of dcp
Answer:-Deputy Commissioner of Police


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