Full form of INDIA

Official name of India is "Republic of India".

India is an country in the Asia continent. As India is a country and not an acronym or any abbreviation so there is no official full form of India. But we have mentioned few made fullforms below.

National Flag of INDIA


INDIA is the world's largest democracy in the world.It is the seventh largest country by area and second largest by population.India has the highest number of vegeterians in the world.India wasnonce known as 'sone ki chidya (GOLDERN BIRD)' , but due to british invasion it lost it's value.It is also known as HINDUSTAN,BHARAT etc.

Unofficial Made full forms of India

There are many unofficial made fullforms that are made due to creativity and for respect for India I have mentioned few for you


I : Independent

N : Nation
D : Declared
I :  In
A : August


 I  : Intelligent

N :  Noble
D  : Diverse
 I  : Inspiring
 A  : All Religion are equal

General information about India

  1. Total area :3287263 sq.km
  2. National Language: Hindi
  3. National Animal : Tiger
  4. Time zone : +5:30 IST
  5. Total states : 23
  6. Union territories : 8
  7. Currency : INR
  8. Calling code :+91
  9. Largest state : Rajasthan
  10. Current president : Ram nath Kovind
  11. Prime Minister : Narendra Modi

You can refer wikipedia for more information

Some Interesting facts about India

  1. India is a multi religious country.
  2. India got independence on 15 August 1947.
  3. India is a nuclear powered country.
  4. ISRO is India's space Agency.
  5. Taj Mahal located in India is one of the seven wonders of world.
  6. India has the largest vegetarian people around the world.
  7. India has won 2 ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP IN 1983 and 2011.
  8. Kumbh mela gathering is visible from space
  9. Meghalaya is the wettest place in the world
  10. India has the largest number of freelancers in the world


Hence you might have cleared your confusion regarding full form of India.

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