INR :  INdian Rupee

IN : INdian
R   : Rupee

Full form of INR

Full form of INR is "INDIAN RUPEE".It is the currency of INDIA.It is officially used by India,Nepal and Bhutan.It is controlled by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).It is denoted by ₹.

History of INR

After the independence of the British India the indian currency INR replaced all other currency throughout the country except few which too later were demonetised and hence INR became the official currency all over the india.

Indian rupee was divided in 100 parts of which each is known as paisa.Hence 1 Indian rupee is equal to 100 paisa. Earlier coins of paisa were in use but in 2019 all paisa coins were demonetised and 1 rupee is the lowest coin for physical use currently.

Pics of INR

All currency notes in use are as follows

(1) 2000 ₹ note

(2) 500 ₹ note

(3) 100 ₹ note

(4) 50 ₹ note

(5) 20 ₹ note

(6) 10 ₹ note

(7) 5 ₹ note

1 ₹ note is also in use but is rarely seen

All coins in use are as follows

(1) 10 ₹ coin

(2) 5 ₹ coin

(3)  2 ₹ coin

(4) 1 ₹ coin


Hence i hope you have cleared your confusion regarding Full form of INR.

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