LCM : Least Common Multiple

L :  Least
C :  Common
M:  Multiple

Full form of lcm

Full form of LCM

LCM full form  is  "Least common multiple".It is a mathematical term used in finding the least common multiple of all numbers.It is the smallest number that is a divisible by all numbers given.LCM is the least multiple by which all numbers are divisible.

Meaning of LCM

It is the least common multiple of all numbers.It is widely used in mathematics and is one of the basic calculations in maths.If your dought about LCM is still unclear let me explain you with below examples and formula

Examples to calculate LCM

Example 1

Let two numbers be 12 and 27
Therefore LCM of 12 and 27 is

Example 2

Let two numbers be 42 and 18
Therefore LCM of 42 and 18 is 2

Example 3

let three number be 12,27 and 18
Therefore LCM of 12,27and 18 is 3


Hence we have cleared your confusion regarding the full form of LCM.Again i  mention that the full form of LCM is Least Common Multiple.

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