LOL : Laughing Out Loud

L : Laughing
O : Out
L : Loud

Full form of LOL

Full form of LOL is "Laughing Of Loud".It is one of the most common acronym used in messaging,online chatting, memes and many other places.

About LOL

LOL is an acronym of Laughter Out Loud.It is an informal way to convey a message to other person.Hence it can be used with friends relatives and other people whom we can talk informally. It is one of the most popular slang used over internet in online chatting, memes messaging , jokes and other places.This acronym is most popular amongst youth and younger generation.

Meaning of LOL

Meaning of LOL is Laughing Out Loud.It is used to show an funny expression.
for example if a person finds something very funny he may say or write LOL which means it was very funny.

Usage of LOL

ASAP is an informal way to convey a funny gesture so usage of ASAP should be avoided in interactions with VIP's,business meetings,business conversation, or any other formal conversation. You can use it in informal conversation with people whom you can talk informally. Use of LOL is very popular as it can be used in memes,jokes,slangs,chatting,conversations,texts etc .It is a popular slang so you can use it in some funny situation you convey your funny gesture.

Meaning of  LOL  in Hindi

जोर से हसना
jor se hasana


I hope you have figured out the full form of common slang LOL. The fact is people use it very often but don't know the full form of it.

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