There are two Full forms of PSU


PSU: Public Sector Undertaking

P : Public
S : Sector
U : Undertaking

Full form of PSU

Full form of PSU is "Public Sector Undertaking".These are the Government Corporations that are owned by Government of India or State Government.To be a PSU majority of total stocks should be owned by government.

About PSU

PSU are the government corporations whose majority stocks are owned by Government. They are less interested in making profits are work for the development of the country in different sectors.There were 5 PSU's in 1950 which raised to 246 in 1991.During the time of Independence India was an Agriculture country.It had a very weak Industrial exposure.So PSU's were made to increase and accelarate growth of the country in different core sectors of the country.

Classification of PSU

PSU is classified into 2 category
(1) central public sector enterprises (CPSEs) 
(2) state level public enterprises (SLPEs)

Some famous Examples of PSU

  1. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)
  2. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (SBI)
  3. ONGC
  4. BHEL
  5. SAIL
  6. Power Grid Corporation of India
  7. GAIL
  8. NTPC
  9. HPCL
  10. LIC
(2) There is an Another full form of PSU known as "POWER SUPPLY UNIT".I have written an detailed Article on Power Supply Unit  which you can check 


I hope you might have cleared your question of the full form of PSU .As i mentioned that there are other full form of PSU,i hope you may check that too.

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