There are two full form of PSU 

The first full form of PSU was mentioned in the article FULL FORM OF  PSU (CORPORATION).You can check it.Here i will be covering the second full form of PSU.


PSU: Power Supply Unit

P : Powered
S : Supply
U : Unit

Full form of PSU 

Full form of PSU is "Powered  Supply Unit". It is generally a hardware device in computer that converts the A.C supply into regulated D.C supply for the proper working of the Internal components of the computer.

Images of PSU

full form of PSU

full form of PSU

About PSU

PSU is an acronym of Power Suppy Unit.It is used to convert the A.C supply to D.C supply for the proper working of the internal components of the computer.It also sends signals to the mother board of power supply so that it can safely boot up or power on.


PSU's are  basically consisting of the following elements: 

  1. Rectifier
  2. Filter
  3. Regulator
  4. Circuits
  5. Transformer

Uses of PSU

PSU's are basically used in computers,radio transmitters and Recievers and all other devices that work on D.C supply but has an A.C supply.

There is other full form of PSU. Which is "Public Sector Undertaking".I have written an article in Public sector undertaking. I hope you check it 


I have mentioned both the Full form of PSU. I hope you have checked the other Full form of PSU.

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