Full form of teacher

Teacher is an one of the most common english word, but teacher is not an acronym or abbreviation of any word.Hence there is no full form of teacher.

Meaning of Teacher

Teacher is a person who teaches students in schools,colleges,universities or even in life.Teachers are the second most important perssons in students life after their parents.Teachers shares their knowledge with their students so that they can face the upcomming future challenges of life.

Unofficial full form of teacher

There are many unofficial made fullforms that are made due to creativity and for respect for teachers....I gave mentioned few for you 


T :  Trusted
E :  Electrifying
A :  Admire
C :  Clever
H : Honorable
E :  Efficient
R :  Respectful
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T :  Talented
E :  Elligent
A :  Authentic
C :  Confident
H :  Helpful
E :  Expert
R :  Respectful


T :  Talented
E :  Educated
A :  Adorable
C :  Charming
H :  Helpful
E :  Encouraging

R :  Responsible

Importance of teacher

Students are the future of the nations no teachers are the one who trains them and guide them to become successfull in life and carriers.

Profession as a teacher

Teaching is one of the most common and well known profession in India and the entire world.There are many vacancies in government schools and private schools all around the India.In India there are many high paying teaching jobs and there are many teachers who are famous all over the world.Hence teaching is one of the most important professions in India.


Hence i hope you might have cleared your confusion regarding the full form of teacher.There is no official full form of teacher but i mentioned few made fullforms for you and  for respect for teacher.

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Please leave me a comment if you know a better full form of teacher i will be happy to add it in this article .


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