TTYL  Full Form  

TTYL: Talk TYou Later

T :   Talk
T :   To
Y :   You
L :   Later

ttyl full form

    About TTYL

    TTYL full form is "Talk To You Later".

    It is one of the most common slang mostly used in chatting on social media platforms like Instagram,Facebook,WhatsApp,twitter etc. 

    It is mostly used to end a chat or discussion on internet as of now. 

    It is one of the most common slang used in online chatting and messaging.

    Meaning Of TTYL

    TTYL denotes talk to you later and hence it means that the person who sent this is leaving the chat and will message you or talk with you later.

    Usage Of TTYL

    TTYL is one of the most common internet slang used in messaging and chatting.

    It is used in  an informal way and hence can be used with friends,parents relatives etc.

    It is used to finish a chat or a discussion as of now.

    As it is used in an informal manner so it should be avoided while business conversation,professional conversation,conversation with VIP or big personalities etc.

    Common Questions regarding TTYL


    Question:-ttyl full form

    Answer:- ttyl full form is Talk To You 


    Question:-ttyl meaning in hindi

    Answer :-बाद में बात करते हैं

    Examples of using ttyl

    Example no 1

    ttyl example

    Example no 2

    ttyl example

    TTYL full form in chat

    If somebody says you TTYL in chat then he/she wants to close the chat and will catch you or talk with you later.

    TTYL full form in Whatsapp 

    If you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp and the person says TTYL that then that person is closing the chat due to certain reasons and will chat to you later.

    TTYL long form

    TTYL long form is "Talk To You Later".TTYL is an acronym of Talk To You later.

    TTYL ka full form

    TTYL का पूर्ण रूप है "बाद में बात करते हैं".

    TTYL meaning in hindi

    हिंदी में ttyl का अर्थ है "बाद में बात करते हैं".


    I hope your confusion regarding ttyl full form is cleared.

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