USSR : Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

U : Union of
S : Soviet
S : Socialist
R : Republics

Full Form of USSR

Full Form of USSR Is "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics".It was also known as Soviet Union.It was a largest country in the world that exited between 1922 to 1991.

Flag of  USSR Soviet Union


About USSR

IT was the largest country in the world having an area of 22,402,200 sq.kilometer.It was located northern Eurasia with coastlines on the Baltic and Black seas and the Arctic and Pacific oceans. It was a federal union of 15 constituent republics.It was a socialist country and it's capital was Moscow.It was a union of Russia and other Soviet independent countries.It was a super power country and is known for it's cold war against USA.

USSR on Globe

ussr on globe

History of USSR or Soviet Union

Formation of USSR or Soviet Union started in 1917 and was officially formed in 30 December 1922 as a single party state ruled by a communist party.It was disintegrated into many independent nations as the process of disintegration started in the second half of 1980's.USSR was known as one of the five nations that possessed Nuclear weapons.Other countries were USA,Britain,China,France.It was disintegrated into Russia and many other Soviet Independent nations on 21 December 1991.Today Russia is the largest country in the World.


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