LMAO : Laughing MY Ass Off

L : Laughing
M : MY
A : Ass
O : Off

Full form of LMAO

Full form of LMAO is "Laughing My Ass Off".It is also one of the most popular slangs used over the internet in chatting,memes,jokes and other platforms.

About LMAO

LMAO is an acronym of Laughing My Ass Off.It is an informal way to convey a message to the other person.It is very popular amongst the youth as it is widely used in internet chatting,messaging,jokes,memes,social media platforms etc. 

Meaning of LMAO

Meaning of LMAO is laughing my Ass Off.It is used to show a funny gesture or funny response to something.

Usage of LMAO

LMAO is widely used to show an funny reaction to the person.As i mentioned above that it is an informal way to convey a message hence use of it in Buisness conversation, Business, Meetings,conversation with VIP's should be strictly avoided.There is another famous Slang that too is used to convey a funny gesture which is LOL

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I hope you have figured out full form of LMAO. I hope you might have checked my Article on FULL FORM OF LOL.

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