COMPUTER full form

computer full form

    Who don't know about computers in this world?

    Computers have became part of our life directly or indirectly in this modern world.Computers had a great contribution in the development of the mankind.

    Have you ever wondered about computer full form or what is the full form of  computer ?

    Well computer is not an acronym of any word. That means there is no official full form of computer.There is few famous full form of computer that you might find on internet which i am mentioning below.

    (1) COMPUTERCommonly Operated Machine  Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research





    U-Used for


    E-Education and


    (2) COMPUTER : Commonly Operating Machine

    This two full form of computer is quite visible on internet  but let me tell you that this computer full form  is unofficial,myth and  false.

    Reality is the word computer is derived from word "compute" which means calculate.They were invented to make calculations faster and accurately.

    At the time when computers were invented the basic use of computers was doing calculations fast and accurately and it had no relation with the terms used in above mentioned full form.

     Hence the word computer is not an acronym of any word and hence there is no computer full form.

    Computer full name

    There is no official full name of computer as computer is derived from the word "compute" which means to calculate. There are few hypothetical full name of computer which i am mentioning again.

    (1) COMPUTER : Commonly Operated Machine  Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research

    (2) COMPUTER : Commonly Operating Machine

    Do keep in mind these are hypothetical full name of computer  and are not the real ones.The real full name of computer is "compute" from which the word computer is derived.

    History of Computer 

    Computers were invented in 19 century and were invented to perform repetitive calculations,complex calculations very efficiently accurately and in short time. 

    After that between 1938 to 1938  the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer called Z1 was invented and thus it became  the first functional modern computer.

    Thus the it was the starting of the modern world that we are living in which we are surrounded by different types of computer. 

    Categorization on the basis of generation         

     Generation Based on years of active
      First Vacuum tubes (1940-1956)
     Second  Transistors (1956-1963)
     Third Integrated Circuits (1964-1971)
     Forth Microprocessors (1971- Present)
     Fifth Artificial Intelligence Present and maybe in future

    About computer

     Processes in a computer 

    (1) Input

    It means to give input daata to the computer

    (2) Processing

    It means to process the obtained data.

    (3) Output

     It means to show the processed data.

    Parts of a computer

    Based on the different processes of the computer different parts of the computer are classified 

    (1) Input devices  

    These devices help in providing input to the computer.

    Keyboards, joystick,mouse are the basic examples of the input devices

    (2) Processing device

    These devices help in processing the data provided by the input devices.

    Central Processing Unit or the CPU is the Example of processing devices.

    CPU is also known as the brain of the computer.

    (3) Output devices

    These devices gives the output data that is processed by the CPU.

    Monitor,Printer are the few examples of the output devices.

    I hope you have cleared these basic things about computers

    Full forms of terms related to computer

    (1)  CPU : Central Processing Unit

    (2)   PC : Personal Computer

    (3) RAM : Random Access Memory

    (4) ROM : Read Only Memory

    (5) kb : Kilo-byte

    (6) mb : Mega-Byte

    (7) gb : Giga-Byte

    (8) tb : Tera-Byte

    (9) ALU : Arithmetic logical unit

    (10) AI Artificial Intellegence

    Applications of Computer

    (1) Laptops
    (2) Mobiles
    (3) Electronic devices
    (4) To do calculations.
    (5) To prepare presentations
    (6) To make applications
    (7) In space research
    (8) In medical research
    (9) In robotics
    (10) To access Internet

    Types of computers

    (1) Personal Computers or PC
    (2) Micro computers
    (3) Miniframe computers
    (4) Super computers


    So it is cleared that there is no computer full form or the full form of computer. The word computer is derieved from the word "compute" which means to calculate.

    There are few hypothetical full form on internet  but are not true as computer is not an acronym of an word.

    FULLFORM EXPRESS is a website that will help you in increasing your knowledge related to full form so do check it.

    Leave me a comment if you didn't knew about computer full form.

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