PHD full form

               PhD: Doctor of Philosophy

      PhD full form is "Doctor of Philosophy".Thus PhD is an acronym of Doctor of Philosophy.

    The name Doctor of Philosophy is derived from an Latin phrase "philosopiae doctor".It is sometimes also denoted by Ph.D and dphil.

    PHD long form

    PhD long form is "Doctor of Philosophy".It is the highest degree in most of the fields. In most cases it  states the highest knowledge in that field.

    PHD full form in English

    PhD full form in English is "Doctor of Philosophy",but the word is derived from Latin word "philosopiae doctor".

    DPhil full form

    DPhil full form is Doctor of Philosophy.In some countries DPhil is used in place of PhD.

    About PHD

    PhD is a prestigious degree awarded to the person who have availed the highest level of knowledge in certain field.

    It is the highest degree provided by any university in major fields.Most of the professors in various colleges carry a PhD degree.

    A PhD degree can be obtained after finishing masters by enrolling in a PhD program in a certain university.

    There is no certain fixed time for the PhD degree but most of them usually take upto 3 years while few can take upto 7-10 years. 

    A person has to publish their research to obtain a PhD degree.The objective of PhD degree is to prepare a person for research. 

    Importance of PhD

    PhD is a globally recognized degree which states exceptional knowledge of a person in respective fields.

    As stated above most of the professors of various colleges carry a Phd degree.

    A PhD degree can help a person by building a good reputation and it may help him in research also

    Various fields in which PhD is awarded

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Humanities
    • Zoology
    • Economics
    • Applied Science
    • Biochemistry
    • Bio Science
    • Geography
    • Psychology
    I have mentioned few but there are many you can check various PhD degree on internet

    PHD ka full form

    पीएचडी का फुल फॉर्म "डॉक्टर ऑफ
    फिलॉसफी" है.

    PHD ki full form

    पीएचडी का फुल फॉर्म "डॉक्टर ऑफ 
    फिलॉसफी" है.

    PHD ka full form in hindi

    पीएचडी का पूर्ण रूप "डॉक्टर ऑफ 
    फिलॉसफी"  है.


    I know many people know about PhD degree but major don't know PHD full form.

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